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Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2019: All you need to know

Rajasthan is a champion among the most outstanding travel objectives in India with vacationers running from the world over to ingest the quiet gloriousness and the rich culture and heritage of the state. Notwithstanding how frequently you visit the spot, it, for the most part, has another stun in store. 


This year the advancing 'Jaisalmer Desert Festival' is permitting you an opportunity to unwind in the splendor and vibe of the city of Jaisalmer with a little qualification. 

The Jaisalmer festivity takes is a yearly event that occurs in the significant lot of February amidst the Sam ascends in Thar desert. This festival was begun to propel the movement business in Rajasthan and draw in outcasts to get a gander at the intrigue and individuals culture. The 3-day festivity incorporates multi-went up against activities and experiences that incorporate gigantic participation by visitors. 

Here are the nuances of the ceaseless festival 

Right when 

The festival began on February 17 and will complete on February 19. 


The Sam ascents of the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, against the view the Jaisalmer 



The performers, craftsmen, and specialists from all over Rajasthan travel for this festival which is held a few days before the spring full moon. The whole spot is in a daze with the sort of neighborhood music and sustenance. 

Presentations join puppet shows up, gymnastic entertainers, society craftsmen, and vocalists. 

Close-by sustenance especially Rajasthani thali with valid flavors and things. 

Rajasthani meticulous work made by neighborhood specialists like carvings, additional items, home elaborate design, and exceptional embellishments and articles of clothing are a trademark of the state and you won't in all probability contradict picking. 
On the third day and the flawlessness the festival, the celebrations continue into the night in the illuminating light of the sparkly moon. Presentations, move, and music occurs with pomp and enormity. 


Keep yourself masterminded with coats, socks, and gloves as the temperatures drop down and nighttimes are nippy in the desert. Pack your sunscreen, glasses, and scarves for the day as the day can be staggeringly hot. 

Keep yourself dried out as you may need to walk a ton in the day
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