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Hokh Syun Festival: Kashmir Efficient Food Festival

Give the remarkable people get to Kashmir unveil to you the best way to deal with productively make utilization of vegetables and other sustenance sources dependably. the underneath zero temperature outside procedures it's the ideal open entryway for the winter generous actions to turn out in Kashmir. In like manner, by winter charitable actions we mean the sun-dried vegetables from the last season. 

source: annuchandra.com
Notwithstanding the way that nowadays new vegetables are accessible in neighborhood markets, utilizing the dried vegetables is still in the end in different families. They have been doing this since the periods of poor openness and essentially less fortunate storerooms. On the off chance that it was an astute thought, by at that point, paying little respect to all that it is even at this point. 

At the beginning of winter in Kashmir, when it used to be hard to discover new vegetables in the fields and the valley completely cut off from whatever is left of the world for an expansive stretch of time, one would just discover simple to-store vegetables like potatoes, turnips, radish, lotus stem or nadru and collard greens, subtly known as haak. 

Adjacent people dry the vegetables accessible amidst summer and gobble up them on lean extreme winter days. From brinjals to gourds to chilies, everything gets sun-dried. Before long despite the route that there is the transparency of 'new' produce in the market, these dried vegetables are considered as winter rarities. 

Recalling this amazing practice, Fortune Resort Heevan and WelComeHotel Pine and Peak have thought of a winter sustenance merriment called Hokh Syun Festival, to last in the midst of the period of February. Amidst this celebration, there will be a captivating spread of choicest of dishes of those sun-dried vegetables.

The celebration is a festival of sustenance and old Kashmiri custom and convention. In the event that you are a foodie and will go for sustenance, by then this celebration is for you. For it is here that you will discover delightful Bote Cher (Mutton and dried Apricots), Warmuth Dail (Special Kashmiri Pulses), Gair Goji (Dried water chestnuts), Rwandan Hachi (Dried Tomatoes), Al Hachi (Dried Bottle Gourd). 

All around requested rules to Reach: Srinagar Airport is 15 km away and is especially associated with authentic Indian urban regions. One can fly Air Inda, GoAir, IndiGo and Jet Airways from Delhi, Goa, Jammu, Leh, Mumbai, and Bangalore. There are near to taxi associations from the air terminal to different parts of Kashmir.
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