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5 Amazing tracking points of South India

When it comes to Adventure thinking about mountains comes first. Tracking enthusiasts take their busy schedules and make plans. If you are looking for such places then today we are going to tell you about some of the famous places in South India. You can also get refreshing with adventure by visiting these places.

1. Nilgiri Hills, Tamilnadu

Nilgiri Hills, Tamilnadu

The part of the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu is the Nilgiri Hills. This mountainous region joins the border between Karnataka and Kerala. Places like Ooty, Kotagiri, and Coonoor in Nilgiris district are considered as the most exclusive trekking place.

2. Coorg, Karnataka


Coorg located in Karnataka is a beautiful place where you will find greenery and peace all around Trekking points at this place have their own fun to trek. The best season to come here is from January to May. Brahmagiri Range and Pushpargari is a famous place for trekking in Karnataka.

3. Anantagiri Hills, Andhra Pradesh

Anantagiri Hills, Andhra Pradesh
Anantagiri Hills season trekker always attracts on its side. Trekking between the lush green hills and dense forests is its own fun. If you have not trekked for the first time then you can start here from here.

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4. Kodachadri, Karnataka

Kodachadri, Karnataka
This beautiful city of Karnataka is known for its difficult trekking trails throughout South India. But here people can go trekking, which is totally fit or physically healthy. In Kodachadri, Karikatti is counted among the selected trek routes. This trek is 12-14 km long, which takes approximately 7 to 8 hours to complete.

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5. Munnar, Kerala


Kerala is a very beautiful state of South India famous for its beauty and Munnar Hill Station. The hilly areas of Munnar are known for the best trekking. Tremendous trekking through the tea gardens, along with curved roads, is not less than a dream. Anamudi is the highest peak of Munnar which is the most liked by trekkers. All the wishes of trekking enthusiasts are fulfilled here.
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