Gautam Buddha : 8 Most Famous Buddhist Temples In India ~ Tips of Travelling Tourist places

Gautam Buddha : 8 Most Famous Buddhist Temples In India

Mahabodhi sanctuary: Situated in Bodh Gaya Bihar 

Mahabodhi sanctuary is considered as a standout amongst the most imperative and hallowed explorer destinations in the Buddhist religion.


The principal sanctuary is as a tremendous 180 feet pyramid structure which has a few themes engraved on it and gives an unmistakable impression of the custom, convention, culture, and lessons of Buddhism. The sanctuary is likewise home to a ravishing statue of Buddha produced using yellow sandstone and Gautam Buddha, most famous Buddhist temples in India.

Gautam Buddha: 8 Most Famous Buddhist Temples In India 

1. Mahabodhi Temple 

Specialty: It was the place Lord Buddha accomplished enlightenment sitting under an old Bodhi tree which is up 'til now present inside the haven.

Advancement: Built in the third century by Emperor Ashoka, the asylum was recreated from squares in the fifth century and has an essential plan.

2. Mahaparinirvana Temple 

 Mahaparinirvana Temple gautam buddha kushinagar

Situated in: Kushinagar 

Mahaparinirvana Temple is known to be one of the holiest blessed places in the Buddhist religion. At present isolated from a basic pioneer site, the spot is moreover a champion among the most visited vacationer puts by family unit voyagers just as by outside travelers because of its significant spread and stunning designing.

MahaParinirvana Temple, Kushinagar 

Quality: Famous for the hotel a huge six meters long image of Buddha in a resting position. The centrality behind the symbol is that it addresses the most raised state of salvation which Lord Buddha had achieved when he finally left for his brilliant residence.

Improvement: This obsolete single story Buddha haven made of red sandstone was worked by one of the unprecedented followers of Lord Buddha, to be explicit Swami Haribala. 

Master Buddha Statue at Parinirvana Temple, Kushinagar 

3. Wat Thai Temple 

Situated in: Kushinagar 

Wat Thai Temple is one of the other Buddhist fortunes. The quality of agreement and quietness has included the asylum and in this manner, it ends up being best for the people who are searching for serenity or a peaceful and calm spot to practice examination amidst nature. The haven also has appeal hall if you wish to sit, ruminate and supplicate inside the asylum premises. The remarkable structure, the beautiful radiance and the captivated significant environment of the asylum make it troublesome for the pilgrims to contradict its charms.

Specialty: A wonderful mix of Buddhist and Thai plan, the haven is a living auxiliary guileful summit. Besides the basic wonder, the haven is enveloped with a rich green woods zone, stacked with trees and shrubberies which considerably more builds the superbness of the spot manifolds.

Wat Thai Temple, Kushinagar India, Gautam Buddha, most famous Buddhist temples in India.

4. Sarnath Temple 

 Mahaparinirvana Temple

Situated in: Varanasi 

Sarnath Temple is comprehensively known to be one of the holiest and must – visit adventurer districts holding exceptional centrality in the Buddhism religion. It is arranged in Varanasi.

Advancement: Built by Emperor Ashoka.

Quality: It is believed that it was at this recognize the essential supernatural talk as a lit up pro was given by Lord Buddha. Consequently, the spot has phenomenal significance in Buddhism and is an outright need to visit Buddhist voyager site.
Sarnath Temple 

Forte: It is believed that it was at this recognize the principle powerful talk as an illuminated pro was given by Lord Buddha. In this manner, the spot has an unprecedented criticalness in Buddhism and is a flat out need to visit Buddhist explorer site.

Noteworthy Attractions: This hypnotizing asylum furthermore incorporates Chaukhandi Stupa, Mulagandha Kuti Vihar, Dhamek Stupa, Dharmarajika Stupa similarly as various other compositional artful culminations. These enlargements basically increase the Buddhist significance of the spot extensively more. 

Chaukhandi Stupa, Sarnath 

5. Sanchi Stupa 

Sanchi Supa  Madhya Pradesh

Situated in: Madhya Pradesh 

A standout amongst the most settled stone structures present in India addressing obviously the perfection of Buddhist craftsmanship and building is Sanchi Stupa. Sanchi Stupa is one of those spots which you would not want to miss paying little heed to whether you are next to no moved by religious issues. Its magnificence is adequate to get your heart.

Sanchi Stupa, Sarnath 

Specialty: The stupa has a colossal hemispherical vault holding up various relics of Lord Buddha and four unusually cut entries which face astounding direction.

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Improvement: The asylum was worked under the strict supervision of Emperor Ashoka's significant other and young lady. The amazing plan of the structure will surrender you befuddled.

Extraordinary to know: Due to its extending pervasiveness has in like manner gotten itself a spot in the respected once-over of world heritage areas by UNESCO.

Sanchi Supa Carved Gates 

6. Red Maitreya Temple

Situated in: Leh 

The asylum is orchestrated at a champion among the most exquisite regions amidst the convincing mountains and peaceful scenes of Leh in the area of Himachal Pradesh. A bit of the Thiksey Monastery, the Red Maitreya haven is tremendously notable for a hotel the 49 feet tall statue of Lord Buddha. Likewise, other than its unadulterated ingenuity and respectful characteristic, the calm zone just incorporates the intrigue of the asylum. It is a religious focal point of various Buddhist fans!

Tsemo Maitreya Temple, Leh 

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Distinguishing strength: The stand-out thing of this statue which makes it remarkable and pulls in a considerable number of lovers and voyagers is the manner in which that this huge statue of Lord Buddha is created utilizing earth and is painted in a wonderful splendid shading which makes it look essentially all the all the more spellbinding.  

Great to know: The dividers of the asylum are done with hypnotizing aesthetic manifestations which give a certified sneak-look of the features of Buddhist workmanship and craftsmanship.Gautam Buddha, most famous Buddhist temples in India. 

Maitreya Buddha Statue, Leh 

7. Golden pagoda namsai

Situated in: Arunachal Pradesh 

Settled in the lower districts of Eastern Himalayas, the Golden Pagoda Temple arranged in the Namsai region of Arunachal Pradesh. Spreading over a drifting 20 hectares of the zone, this splendid asylum is moreover known to have 12 curves in the Pagoda. Generally called Kong Mu Kham, the haven is furthermore outstanding for filling in as a scene for Kathina festivity which is praised with a lot of energy in the extended length of November. You point of fact wouldn't want to miss visiting this shocking haven!

Improvement: Built in the year 2010, the building of the haven is impelled by the Burmese structure style which incorporates its uniqueness.

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Tip: If you visit this asylum, don't miss the Loi Krathong administration which happens toward the completion of the Kathina festivity as observing an extensive number of lit lights skimming in a contiguous lake is a champion among the most flawless sights you will ever watch.

The Golden Pagoda, Namsai Arunachal Pradesh 

8. Theravada Buddhist Temple 

Situated in: Itanagar 

A champion among the most notable Buddhist pioneer objectives in Eastern India, Theravada Buddhist Temple is one of the unimaginable spots to visit for those searching for a spot to reflect. Despite whether you are not a great deal of a Buddhism follower yet rather are in the near to area by then make a point to visit the spot as the standard magnificence of the spot is absolutely illusory. Exceptional for thought and supplications, especially regarded normally and mind-blowing importance in Buddhism, what else may you have the capacity to ask?  

Distinguishing strength: The perfectly laid structure of the haven is completely excellent.

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Extraordinary to know: The asylum is incorporated from rich greenery from all of the sides giving it a guarded, calm and pleasant vibe.

Theravada Buddhist Temple Itanagar 

Buddhism is known for spreading love, warmth, insightfulness, and mankind. While visiting these beguiling Buddhist voyager puts, the convenience and the calm air winning in these havens will point of fact relinquish you confounded. We wish you karma that you visit in case not all, by then a vast segment of the previously mentioned – referenced places as all of them holds exceptional centrality in their own particular way. We would love to get a notice from you, so don't delay to drop comments offering your experience to us.
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