Best Luxury Train in india 2 Day Free Travel, This Way ~ Tips of Travelling Tourist places

Best Luxury Train in india 2 Day Free Travel, This Way

Often our desire is that we travel to the Best Luxury Train in India in the world. But due to the money that is needed for it, we can not do this. But now this problem is over. Because now you will be able to travel for 7 days in 5-day money. This journey has not only become cheap, but it also has increased facilities. But before that, we tell you what is the luxury train that we are talking about. Actually, the name of this train is the Deccan Odyssey These trains specially visit cities like Maharashtra, Goa. By the way, you will get many trains to go for Maharashtra but the talk of Deccan Odyssey is different.

Best Luxury Train in India 2 Day Free Travel, This Way

Best Luxury Train in india 2 Day Free Travel

The journey of this Luxury Train in India made on the lines of Palace on Wheels will double the fun of your visit to Maharashtra. This train covers all the important areas of tourism in Maharashtra. Let us tell you that this train from Mumbai's financial capital Mumbai returns to Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Goa, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Ajanta-Ellora and then back to Mumbai. It is one of the world's most expensive train trips. In addition to the Deccan Odyssey, two more luxury trains run in India, the Palace on Wheels and the other Maharaja Express.

It is well-known among luxury travelers traveling in India. Deccan Odyssey is actually a super deluxe luxury train that runs in collaboration with the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Limited, the Indian Railways Ministry. In terms of amenities, this train has the same location in the country which is Blue Train in South Africa and Orient Express in Europe. This train's excellent interior, delicious food, and its great sites will make your journey memorable.

There are 12 passenger coaches in this 21-coach train. Here you will get a chance to enjoy the spa and the bar. Apart from this, the train will also have many facilities like TV, cable connection, cell phone, channel music, and foreign exchange. The journey of this train, which commences in seven days, starts from Mumbai on Wednesday, on a weekly basis. On the second day of the journey, the train reaches Sindhudurg Nagar. Here you will get a chance to see the famous fort of Sindhudurga, Tarkarl beach, Dattapur village. On the third day,

The train reaches Goa. Here you can see many famous churches and other museums like St. Augustine Church. On the fourth day, this train will make you go to Vasco of Goa. And here you can see the famous Hindu temple Mangese, Saifa Masjid, Sahyogi Spice Farm and Manejays Brigenja House located in Chandore village. After that, the train's journey becomes more and more full of adventure for you. On the fifth day of the journey, the train reaches Kolhapur and here you will visit the famous Mahalaxmi temple, besides here you also get the opportunity to see the New Palace Museum.

After that, you move on this journey to the sixth day and on the seventh day your eyes get that experience, which you can never forget. On the sixth day, you will get an opportunity to see the caves of Aurora and the tomb of Bibi in Aurora-Daulatabad. On the seventh and final day, this train will take you to the famous Anjata caves all over the world and you will get the chance to see these caves. On this day you will also go to Nashik. After seeing these all the best places of Maharashtra, the train returned to Mumbai on the eighth day.

I talk about its reduced prices, it has been significantly reduced compared to the previous. For the first deluxe single you used to give 4 lakh 19 thousand rupees, now you have to give 3 lakh rupees instead. At the same time, you will have to pay 4 lakh 29 thousand for the deluxe double whereas the first price was more than 6 lakh. Apart from this, for the price which is the most expensive, you had to give 9 lakh 8 thousand rupees before, but now the price has decreased to 6 lakh 48 thousand.
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