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How to get good sleeping in flights ? Follow these tips

Hey guys...You have made preparations for your dream vacation. But are you aware of what problems you may have to face in the flight, the pain in the feet, the passenger's noise There are only a few very fortunate people who can overcome all these problems and get a good sleeping in flights? If you have some tips in such a way that before going to the flight, take the ear poke, take a mask of your eyes, take a comfortable tip, but there are some tips that you still do not know about today, In this you will be able to tell how comfortable sleeping in a long distance flight.

How to get a good sleeping in flights? 


Take window seat:

If you can reserve a window seat, then it will be great because you can sleep comfortably by placing the head on the side of the plane, leaning towards the window. You can also reduce the light as well. Apart from this, also keep in mind that your feet get full space to stretch.

Keep comfortable things together:

Put some things together for your comfort, such as soft t-shirts, playlists of good favorites, which help you sleep in between 200 people, and you get the same sleep at home. Because often this problem comes in the plane that you want to sleep but if you do not get the experience as you sleep at home, then you should also be prepared for it.

Do not cross the legs:

Do not cross your legs any time, because this can cause problems in blood flow and the risk of becoming a blood clot in the long flight is high. So always keep changing your legs cross. Especially if your flight has more than 4 hours. Keep the feet straight for sitting in the right and comfortable way and keep the knees slightly tilted.

Sleep the chair facing downwards:

To remove pressure from the lower spine, tilt your chair backward, which will cause less pressure on the waist and you will get good sleep. Apart from this, you can take travel pillows along. In such a situation, the worst gold position can be that you fall asleep on the front, but the waist will not get any support. In such a situation, your sleep will be very uncomfortable and you will continue to travel.

Do not use sleep medicine:

Try not to take any kind of sleeping pill while traveling in the plane. If you want to do, take the same medication that you are aware of. Unless you know what the effect of which medicine is taking, do not take it, otherwise your sleep will not be fulfilled and you may be more anxious. Because most gold medicines contain antihistamines that allow you to sleep for a long time. But if you still want to take any medication then use the melatonin. You can take it before boarding so that it takes time for the effect.

Do not drink alcohol:

If you are on vacation, you will feel like eating alcohol. You think that taking alcohol is a good sleep, but there is no hope this will give you 3-4 hours of sleep in the beginning but after that, you will not be able to sleep. Besides, when you get up you may get a headache.

Do not eat too much:

Try not to eat too much in between 2 hours of sleep. See also the ones who are eating because you can be uncommentable after eating more or eating fatty foods. When you eat a heavy meal, your heart is fast pumping to give more blood to stomach and intestine. This is more likely to cause blood clots in your body.
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