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If Stolen in Your Hotel Room: Then what will you do.?

Have you ever been locked in your hotel room? After that, you see that housekeeping is cleaning in the living room and you ask them to go to the room and they help you in that. Which makes you happy because you saved 10 minutes, you did not have to go to the front desk, to take the second key. But what sometimes happens is that when you go to your room, you see that your laptop is missing, the earrings of Diamond have been stolen. If this has not happened to you then you are very lucky or wise.

If Stolen in Your Hotel Room: Then what will you do.?

But you would be surprised to know that theft in hotels has become very common. Even this happens in big hotels too. So now the question arises how to get rid of all these thieves. The travel passion will tell you in your article today how you can avoid these thieves in the hotel.

Tips that can save you from the theft in the hotel room:

  • Before book:

Before booking the hotel, check out the location, whether it is in a busy area. What kind of spinning place he has. Which is the nearest police station? Check with the online tools about how the hotel is.

  • Find out about Hotel Safety:

Find out how the hotel is already being used in the locked doors, whether it is a security camera or not, all of these are already known by calling the hoteliers. So that such an event can be avoided.

  • See room by booking:

Try not to take the room on the ground floor, as it is very close to the parking lot. And if the crew is staying on the ground floor then check before the window is closed or check whether the windows are closed or not.

  • Read all the points of the hotel well:

Generally, most people do not read short-paced points while booking a hotel, but it is important to read them. In this, the hotel writes about what steps can be taken from the hotel when the room is stolen.

  • Keep locking the stuff:

Whenever you get out of the room, whatever valuables you have, such as laptops, cameras, or any jewelry, keep them in your bag and lock the bag well.

  • Leave the lights moving even if it is outside:

Always keep your room as if you are inside, even if you have not gone out. For this, leave the lighting of the room burning, or leave the TV or radio so that everyone will feel that you are inside.

  • Request a new key on the duplicate key:

Usually, if you lose your key, then you give a second copy of the hotel, in which case if your key is stolen, then, in that case, you can be harmed and thieves can easily enter your room. In this case, you ask the hoteliers to give a new key because then the coding of the electronic lock is changed.

  • A hotel safe is not safe:

Many hotels give you the comfort of the rooms in which they take more money than you. But this does not mean that the risk of stolen from them by keeping luggage in the safe will go away. Keeping luggage in the safe of your room does not mean that your luggage is locked. Near the hotel, there is a second key for rooms safe. The hotel also has access to those safe.

  • Insert DND outside the room if no need:

If you think your room is clean and it does not need to be cleaned then put the DND out of it so that the hotel staff can not come in. Simultaneously call the front desk and say that there is no need to clean your room.
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