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Lucknow 10 Places Will Get You The Famous Dishes Around the World

Lucknow is famous for only vegetarian dishes, but here you will also find such vegetarian dishes which you will eat after eating your fingers.

Lucknow Food is one of the best and delicious tastes that you can get in the world. The place is also known as the Awadhi cuisine and thus can offer you a good variety of Nawabi food in its charming Nawabi atmosphere. If you are a lover of non-veg dishes, Lucknow cannot be anything less than a treat for you. From delicious kebabs to mutton, you can think about Not only the famous and luxurious hotels but also the street food in Lucknow is the best for making lovers of its taste. Here are some of the names of the dishes that you should try when in Lucknow.

Lucknow. The town of Nawabs, however, is known for its beauty and various historical places all over the world, but here also the Khadhi Khan-pan also identifies this city differently. Lucknow is considered to be a paradise for people eating food. If you came to Lucknow and did not eat Bawariyas of the famous Tunde and Idris, then it is useless to walk out of Lucknow. It is not that Lucknow is famous for eating only vegetarians, but here you will also find such vegetarian dish which you will eat after eating your fingers.

1. Biryani of Idris Lucknow

 Biryaniof Idris Lucknow

If you are fond of Mutton Biryani, then you must eat at this hotel. With this delicious biryani, you will not find anywhere in Lucknow. The specialty of the Biryani of Idris is that it is made on the fuel of coal and the fire is not used. This hotel is located in the Kotwali Chowk market in Lucknow.

2. Bombay Pav Bhaji

If you have to eat vegetarian food then you can eat it near St. Francis School of Hazratganj. The most striking thing about Bombay Pav Bhaji is that it is fried in butter and it makes a lot of sense of hygiene. Its price is less than 100 rupees.

3. Bajpai's Shortcake (Kachauri)

Bajpai's Shortcake (Kachauri)
This shop is located near Leela Cinema. For the sake of eating Bajpai Kachori, there are many celebrities of India's former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Bajpei and the film industry. Here you will find long queues from here, due to the cheap price of delicious cakes.

4. Basket Lick (chat)


Hazardganj Royal Cafe's basket chat is the first choice for those who eat spicily. You can not find a good chat in Lucknow. It is used in special manner spices for making baskets made from pomegranate grains. Sour sweet tamarind chutney and the right amount of peas are made as a special blend.

5. Prakash Kulfi 

Prakash Kulfi lucknow
If you want to eat something sweet after a delicious meal then you can eat kulfi of Aminabad. This special kind of Faluda Kulfi cream is made from a mixture of milk, pistachios, cashews, cornflour, and saffron. Founded in 1956, Prakash Kulfi has opened a branch in Gomti Nagar for its customers.

6. Paya Nihari

Paya Nihari tast of lucknow
There are also a lot of people who eat canvas in Awadh khana. Mubeen and Rahim's canals are popular for the whole of the city. Nahar is an Urdu word which means that in the morning and this dish is eaten in the morning. The specialty of canals found in Lakhnavi is that it is cooked on low flame for 5-6 hours.

7. Tunde Kabab

Tunde's shop located at Chowk Bazar, Lucknow is approximately 112 years old. Tunde Kabab has a different interesting story. Tunde means disabilities, meaning the person who started making this clause was disabled. About 100 types of spices are used to make tunde cloves. Nawab was fond of drinking but if his teeth were not in the mouth with age, then according to that the owner of this shop thought to make such a quarrel which could be eaten easily without teeth.

8. Makkhan Malai


This dessert is of a special kind and if you think that you get such a sweet and even in a city, then you are wrong. Yes, Lakhnawi buttercream will get you at the roundabout of the square at the time of the morning. This dessert is made in the time of freezing because the butter and curd are kept in the dew and then it is torn apart for hours so that the foam starts flowing with moisture. In the end, it is prepared by mixing Kewada Sugar and Cardamom.

9. Nainital Momos

Nainital Momos
Gomti Nagar of Lucknow is also becoming a new destination for people who like to eat and drink. Nainital Momos is located in the break section. Nainital Momos is now the first choice for those who like Chinese food. Tandoori Momos, Mushroom Momos, Fried Momos, and Chile Potato are crowded.

10. Sharma's tea (Chai)

Sharma ji ki chai tea in lucknow

In Lucknow, there will hardly be a person who is not aware of the tea of ​​Sharma. Sharma's tea is located in Lal Bagh of Lucknow. The people who eat bam-butter and samosa with tea are rushing from morning to morning. The specialty of Sharma's tea is that once a person who drinks tea here, it becomes difficult to forget this taste.
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