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Going to the Scorching Heat, know the Yercaud of Tamilnadu, and much more

In the summer season, everyone likes walking around in beautiful and cold terrain. You think of places that are in your budget and where it is good to go Yercaud, a small and numerous view of Tamil Nadu, is the best place for family vacations. The fragrance coming from the spices of spices and the orange trees spread far and wide make this place even more special.

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Yercaud Lake is also known in the heart of the city as Emerald Lake and Big Lake. The greenery spreads around and makes this Lake of Yercaud more beautiful. If you get tired of walking around the mountains or you are troubled by the sun, there is a boating option here. There are lots of shops around Lake where you can buy your gifted and statistic food and gift items as well.

If you are thinking of posting a photo on social media, so that your followers can increase quickly, Pagoda Point is the best place. Yercaud's journey is incomplete without seeing Pegoda Point. Located in the east of Yercaud hill, this point of view of the whole city is beautiful. The reason behind such a name of this place is that there is such a structure made of stones that looks absolutely pagoda.

This place of Yercaud is as much as the city of the stars. Beer Cave is a very good place to go and spend your good time. This cave was once home to the bears. Not only this cave was included in the Gupta sites of Maharaja Tipu Sultan in the 18th century. Which was later opened to the general public.

This is a place of Yercaud which is connected to the British period and the story behind this name is also very interesting. Indeed, the wives of the British rulers used this place for their kitty parties. The view of the sunny sun from here is very beautiful. Where the tourists come to spend their leisure time
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