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7 Essential Documents To Carry While Traveling To Australia

You are super excited for your next big trip overseas! But before you start pulling your wardrobe apart for all the pieces of clothing you ‘must’ pack in your suitcase, stop! Take a step back and start by organizing all the important travel documents you need to make your trip hassle-free. 

Forgetting to pack that red jumper will not bring your trip to a standstill but missing these documents will spoil all the fun even before it starts!

 1. Passport, tickets, and visa

Obviously! You cannot travel without these, can you? Keep your passport, visa and all related documents handy and safe. Although most airports accept soft copies of the airline tickets, it is still advisable to carry physical copies with you. Invest in a good money belt to keep all your critical documents safeguarded. The soft copies can help you procure a temporary passport sooner in case of passport loss. Don’t shove these documents in the deep recesses of your backpack because you will need them at the immigration counters, check-posts or while exchanging currency at the airport. 

2. Extra photographs and ID proofs 

Keep at least 10 extra passport-size photos with you. You might need them at destinations where you get visa-on-arrival. And while you are at it, keep copies of all relevant documents. Don't think it is India where every second grocery shop has a photocopy machine. Carrying original IDs of domestic and international drivers' license and its copies will make your life easier.

 3. Forex cards 

Your best bet is to get local currency before you board your flight because using your credit or debit card abroad might involve extra charges. A good alternative to carrying cash these days is Forex Cards. Load them with cash as per your requirement. You can reload them anytime if you require extra cash during your trip. Forex cards certainly help you control your expenses during your travel. 

4. Hotel booking

You must carry the hotel booking confirmation with you because the folks at the immigration counter might want to see your stay details and you should have it handy. Countries with visa on arrival usually require you to provide proof of accommodation at the immigration counter. If staying with a relative or friend, it’s always a good idea to keep a printout of their invite and the address handy. Fret not, nothing can dampen your lovely travel plans. 

 5. Driving permits

Driving permits licence
Self- driving holidays are a great way to experience a new country, especially in off-beat locations. However, don’t assume that your driving license will be enough. Check the rules pertaining to the country of your visit much in advance. In some cases, you might be required to carry a translation of your driving license, in other cases, you might be asked to attach an extra International Driving Permit to your driving license. Think ahead and plan in advance. 

6. Medical documents  

Driving permits
Unlike India where you may get your medicines without a doctor's prescription at your friendly neighborhood chemist, don't expect this treatment abroad. Do carry along with prescriptions and reports from licensed medical practitioners if you are on some medications. In case you are ever in need of medical attention, these will definitely need to be looked at. 

7. Travel insurance 

Travel insurance can help you during unforeseen hassles while in a foreign country. It can take care of sickness or medical emergencies, missed connections, flight delays, lost or delayed luggage, trip cancellation or curtailment and any other emergencies you may experience during your vacation. Medical emergencies abroad can burn a hole in your pocket and travel insurance can take care of it. Remember to upload scans of your travel insurance paperwork and other documents (including contact numbers) to your email address. Travel insurance is by far very essential on an overseas trip. 

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