These 4 Beautiful places of Uttarakhand are Best for Summer Vacations ~ Tips of Travelling Tourist places

These 4 Beautiful places of Uttarakhand are Best for Summer Vacations

As summer holidays arrive, everyone thinks of making plans for a roam and thinks of going to a place which is beautiful and even in the budget. Today, we will tell you about some of the places in Uttarakhand where the walking will make your day a happy one. 

These 4 Beautiful places of Uttarakhand are Best for Summer Vacations

Auli - Uttarakhand


Auli located in Auli-Uttarakhand is one of the coolest places, which is a very pleasant place spreading from dense jungle, mountain and velvet grass near Badrinath Dham. The nature that is open with its beauty is open. Seeing snow-covered peaks and slopes makes the mind happy and lively. Here the snow is also soft like cotton and tourists play quite well in this snow, whether it is a child or an old woman or a male.

Ooty India - Tamil Nadu


Ooty Since childhood, we have been hearing about the beauty of the camel in the movies, whatever we hear about the Uti, it is really true that there is a very beautiful place to roam the camel situated in Tamil Nadu. These places are also romantic for them, or they have a new marriage. The site scene here is quite beautiful. Here you will feel unique in the pleading and aroma. The perfect destination for spending a good time with the family is Uti.

Kodaikanal - Tamil Nadu


Kodaikanal is also called Kodaikanal. Located in Tamil Nadu of India, Kodaikanal is a very beautiful city. Kodaikanal Hill Resort of Tamilnadu, 2133 meters above sea level, attracts everyone from its scenic and quiet atmosphere. This place, situated between Pali Hill, is the main hill station of South India.

Horsley Hills - Andhra Pradesh


Horsley Hills - Located in Andhra Pradesh, Horsley Hills is a very good place to roam the summer. The local name of Horsley Hills is "Enugu Mallamma Konda". It is said that here a girl used to be Mallamma who used to feed her elephants. One day he disappeared suddenly After that people started worshiping the temple after its name and started worshiping it. There are a mountain and green dense forest all around. The natural beauty here will appeal to your mind. As well as the forest here too beautiful and beautiful. There are lots of eucalyptus trees here. There are deer, bears, cheetahs and many wild animals and many species of birds are also found.
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